pool aul tom watson


I’m not really informed about things (at least not as informed as
i’d like) but I have opinions. Some of these are illusionary, some are pragmatic; they’re probably mostly all wrong. After a quick bit of reading and thinking…

We should not have two bodies doing one job in our public services (but NCAD and IADT should never be merged).

We should amalgamate health care into centres of excellence as per international best practice (but this would mean longer transit times for patients with emergent conditions and we all know Irish roads are shit).

Update (due to wordpress crash and forgetfulness): Social welfare payments and allowances should be locked into inflation/deflation and since we’re in a time of deflation they should be cut and allowances should be means tested (but this would mean that the most vulnerable people in society get hit once more).

We should reduce bureaucracy in all our public services (but less VECs means more chance for corruption and nepotism, and VECs are much better than Church trustees).

We should have a third tax bracket for super-high earners (but they’d find ways to avoid paying anything, like leaving, and then we’d be getting nothing).

We should have either income tax or VAT, not procluding health/environment taxes (taxing someone on their food, clothes and heat after they’ve been taxed on the money they use to buy those things seems perverse).

VAT on duty on petrol is daft (car tax should be done away with and duty should be increased – you pay your share for the upkeep of the roads based on the petrol you use).

All public service pay should be cut, not levied, but actually cut. This should be done based on benchmarking with industry on the understanding that salaries must increase when things get better (but then people who are struggling already on fixed-rate mortgages might not be able to make the repayments on the houses they are unable to sell).

This article seems well-reasoned and somewhat slightly hopeful. Then again it really doesn’t seem to say anything at all, really.

I don’t know what to think anymore.


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