it’s a two-fer today


As the first part of my Grindhouse-lite double bill today I’ll quickly mention the predicted public service cuts in Britain. The guardian article claims that both New Labour and the Tories have ring-fenced health, education and defence as immune to cutting leaving law and order and higher education among the public services on the chopping block. Now, whatever you or I may think about maintaining spending on defence and shelling out billions for nuclear weapons that will never be used, at least the government (and, interestingly enough, the opposition) have an opinion. They are at least maintaining the illusion of having principles, though I would argue that this is more about having an effective and threatening fourth estate forcing their hand rather than anything so high and mighty as a moral stance.

I know I have a vested interest in this but given how morally bankrupt the politicians in the UK are it’s a startling lesson in how disgraceful we have let our own public representatives treat – and think of – us.

Oh, and in the final paragraph of the article it is mentioned almost off-hand that part of the reason the cuts will be so deep is the continuation of overseas aid, which is nice. I’d almost bet my right bollock that overseas aid will be obliterated in this year’s budget here.

After a quick intermission I’ll be back with my Planet Terror-style part two.


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  1. 2BiT said

    you suck 😀

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